Digital Revolution

  • Computers replaced many of the skilled trades in graphics and enabled one person to fill many roles.
  • The growth of cable and satellite TV took ad revenue away from major stations and transformed mass market advertising into smaller and more specific audiences.
  • Douglas C. Engelbart developed the mouse which enabled direct interactivity to the computer instead of lengthy programming and typing code.


  • 1980's: Macintosh released Apple computer, Adobe invented a postscript programming language that enabled page layout and electronically generated typography, Aldus published pagemaker, printers became able to print 1200 dots per inch.
  • 1990's:
    • QuarkXPress enabled designers to place elements in increment of a hundred thousandths of an inch,
    • Photoshop enabled image manipulation and creation.

April Greiman

  • born in New York and studied graphic design at Kansas City Art Institute

  • pursued post graduate studies with
    Armin Hofmann in Basle, Switzerland.

California Institute of the Arts Poster/Mailer
April Greiman

This wide Cal Arts poster/mailer project was a hybrid nature of the main image of the interior of the school with the many smaller images which stand for the many areas of the arts taught at CalArts.

Her association with CalArts encompassed
5 years and many projects,
many of these became examples
of what is called,
New Wave graphic design in California
in the 1970s and early 80's.



Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games
April Greiman


Poster for the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art
April Greiman

With collaboration from Photographer, James Odgers this poster was the official poster for the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles.

This poster was the first design she did in which output from the Macintosh appeared as the final product.




Graphic imagery for Design Quarterly 133,

for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

April Greiman

  • Greiman believed that the new technology should be used to continue forward toward a new landscape of communications rather than imitating what we already know and think.

  • 2 x 6 feet digital collage

  • Although the collage was made of many different text and graphic elements, it was created and printed entirely on the Macintosh computer as one document

Poster for SCI-ARC (South California Insitute of Architecture)
April Greiman

More of her work 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 |




Greiman continues to design for her company called Made in Space located in LA.

McCoy Generation & Cranbrook Academy
  • Katherine McCoy with her husband Michael McCoy became co-chaired of the design department of Michigan's Cranbrook Academy of Art (Bloomfield Hill, MI).

  • Became a magnet for people interested in pushing the boundaries of design

  • Cranbrook has long emphasized experimentation while rejecting a uniform philosophy or methodology


Katherine & Michael McCoy

  • influenced by international typographic style

  • but questioned the expressive limits of this style
  • this was an era were complexity and layering, vernacular and pre-modern, and the validity of rules and conventions were explored.


Cranbrook Graduate Design Program poster
Katherine McCoy


  • The design students were looking beyond sans serif universal typefaces —adopting multi-layered approach to word and image

  • this had been identified as a hallmark of postmodernism.


The New Discourse: Cranbrook Design Poster
P. Scott Makela



  • In 1990, McCoy published
    "Cranbrook Design: The New Discourse" and she expounded on her own theories of visual and verbal structures of communication.

Book on Cranbrook design and students

Katherine McCoy

Vaughan Oliver

  • Vaughan Oliver is one of the most consistently innovative and significant graphic designers to have emerged in the last 15 years

  • a highly influential member of the small group [with Neville Brody, Malcolm Garrett and Peter Saville] that changed the face of British graphics in the 1980s.


Poster "Hommage aux Ballets Russes"

Vaughan Oliver



Poster "L'Anoure"

Vaughan Oliver


CD Cover

Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine

Vaughan Oliver



  • pearl print on white vellum, thermal printed and laminated stock with the texture of smooth skin, troublingly organic photographs by Roger Newbrook


CD packaging Pixies Doolittle

Vaughan Oliver



Lecture poster

Presentation by Vaughan Oliver

Vaughan Oliver



Book This Rimy River
Special edtion

Vaughan Oliver





Specially dyed orange calfskin is used on the spine which is then attached to the perspex covers along a rebated area at the hinge.

The book is housed in a screen printed, crushed velvet covered slipcase.

Book This Rimy River

Vaughan Oliver


This Rimy River is a catalog of an exhibition held at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles in 1994.

The book is produced in very high caliber, the process of production being an important element of the design.


Most admired for his collaborative energy and imagination, Oliver set the stage for a graphic revolution in the eighties and nineties.

His impact was left on the post-punk music industry and influenced a generation of designers exploring the possibilities of type and print.

His book-
Visceral Pleasures
Vaughan Oliver




Divided into thematic sections, the book is designed by Vaughan Oliver himself and combines a cool, carefully edited exposition of his intensely visual work with a seductive, and always surprising, demonstration of his approach.

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