Critical Review #4: Poster
For fall 2011- if you want to do a poster for Critical Review #3 as well, please let me know.
See the end of this page for submission details.

Due Monday December 5th Critical Review #4: Poster
Print out and mounted.
The design of a poster that mimics a design from the Graphic Design history.

1. Full color- Size: no smaller than 9 x 12 and no larger than 11 x 17. Size is based on the same proportion as the poster you are mimicking.

2. Find a poster/ advertisement that really captures your eye. Make sure the poster/advertisement is from one of the following movements.

  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco
  • Futurism
  • Dada
  • Constructivist
  • Swiss (International Typographic Style)
  • WPA Posters (considered somewhat Art Deco)
  • Conceptual Image
  • Psychedelic posters
  • (can not be from any other style or movement unless approved by instructor)

3. Develop an idea for an existing client (company or person) that exists today. (remember you are mimicking the poster, same design style same typeface style, same look and feel.) (if you can not find the typeface, please email instructor for help.) Examples of purpose for your poster can be from the following:

  • to sell a product (ex. food, apparel, cosmetics, etc)
  • to sell a service
  • to promote a performance (ex. singer, concert, musical, movie or theatrical production)
  • to promote a music cd or single
  • to encourage travel

4. Think about a strong concept for the poster that attracts the viewer. Design the poster that mimics an actual poster from the history of Graphic Design from the movements above.

Final Submission: Due Monday December 5th

  1. Print your poster (mount on black board) Due Monday December 5th- In class at 2pm. DO NOT BE LATE

  2. Submit a .jpg or .pdf version of your poster via Moodle to Critical Review #4. --make sure it is not any larger than 4 Megabytes),


Sample of past posters:

Website samples | PDF sample01 | PDF sample02 | PDF sample03


For fall 2011: You have the option to submit a poster for Critical Review #3 as well.

  • If you are replacing the Critical Review #3 paper with a poster as well. You will need to do the same as listed above.
  • The only thing different is that you will upload your digital file to moodle in the Critical Review #3 assignment link.
  • Also, you have an extension on Critical Review #3 until December 5th. (You will bring in the poster on that day.)