Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Week 13
Mon. 11-16
Challenge #3 A Brand



Presentations: How to project

Logo designs due

It must be uploaded to basecamp.

Professor will look at your designs on teacher station.



Work in class on the following:

1. Go through the 20 minute course on on Developing a Mood Board

2. Idea Mood Boards (This will be multiple pages.)

Create moodboards that shows:

Is this a new brand or are you using an existing brand and redesigning the brand mark? Is this a sub brand from an existing brand?

What type of product are you promoting? Service, or physical product?

Brand Archetype:
The type of person that your brand represents. This is different than target market. This is a profile of what your brand stands for and therefore a profile of the person who is the brand will be identified. Include other personality brands to help describe this person(s). What other products to they own? What is their lifestyle like? Create a description of the brand profile.

There are various styles that identify a brand image. This can be determined based on graphics, typefaces, and color palette. But also this can be the type of market your product is in.


Challenge #3 A Brand





Design of Mood Boards

  • Design elements:
    Does the mood board have these elements? Layout, format, color, typography, texture, and target audience.

  • Brand Message:
    All of these should reinforce the brand concept or promise?

  • Consistency:
    Is there consistency in the layout of the mood boards? Is there a consistent style and message?

  • Grid
    Is there a grid structure format? There will be more than 1 page, so are they on the same grid?

  • color:
    Have you thought about color. Decide on the color plate. Do not give different color palette, make a decision and still to it. Do those colors work together to reflect the brand?

  • Type:
    What are the typefaces for your brand identity? If this is an existing brand, what is used currently? Do you think you will change this?

  • Pattern and textures:
    Have you used patterns or textures to help relate the personality of the brand. Are they included and working with the brand concept?

  • Photography:
    Are you using photography to show the brand, archetype, product and style.


HOMEWORK - Due Wed. 11-18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1. Refine Logos as designated by professor

2. Create additional logos if specified by Professor

3. Begin mood boards for all 4 points described above.






Check out these pages on Logo Development

Logo Types

5 principles of a good logo

Logo Shapes

Logo Brand Assignment sample



Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Wed. 11-18 Challenge #3 A Brand

Professor will walk around and talk to students.

  • Look at Refined Logos
  • Look at moodboards
  • Look at your SWOTs


While waiting to speak with Professor please work on the following:

1. Refine Logos as designated by professor

2. Begin mood boards for all 4 points described above.


Check out Monday's section and previous weeks to remind yourself on Logos, SWOTS, Moodboards, etc.


Look at this Branding Page

HOMEWORK - Due Mon. 11- 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Due on Monday

Present to class the following:

1. Moodboards

2. Final logo(s)

3. Product sketches/ mockups

Create sketches or mockups of your Product for your brand. These are rough comps and should show some detail and clear and readable on screen. You can mock these up in photoshop using existing products, but it should show the direction you want to go.

You will need to show your product examples with your moodboards and your logo.





This should be a presentation that is designed.
A presentation can be in many forms, it can be separate .jpgs or in a pdf or in a powerpoint. Just remember, you are presenting to designers and you want your presentation to be designed as well using the best typeface and also using the space on your screen.

Everything you do in your life and in your career should reflect your design skills. This is not for a class, this is for a project.


Look at this Branding Page