Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Week 9
Mon. 10-19 Challenge #3 A Brand


Due today:


Phase 3- Sketches for Instructions

Phase 4- Test and Observe

  • Report to the class on Monday what you have found. Show samples and images so the other designers can see what you found. Who did you test?

Make a decision on what you want to do for
Challenge 03: A brand

Branding Video


Execute Your Designs:
Work in Adobe Illustrator and start to execute your instructions.

  • Determine what your ingredients are.
  • Research how others illustrate.
  • Use numbering techniques.
  • Align phrases to a grid or structure.
  • Look at icons and use icons instead of words
    when applicable.


HOMEWORK - Due Wed. 10-21

Phase 5- Revise and Design

  • Design in Adobe Illustrator your steps.
  • Show instructor your designs in digital format.
  • Make sure you choose a strong font.
  • Look at samples of existing instructions.
  • Make sure the illustrations and icons are clear and refined.
  • Keep it simple.






Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Wed. 10-14
Challenge #2 How To

Phase 5- Design

  • Let's look at your designs digitally.

While professor walks around to help you, work on refining and make these steps work.


Challenge 03: A brand

See homework for details


HOMEWORK - Due Monday. 10- 26


Phase 5- Final Design - Challenge 02: How To

Have final instructions digital finished.
Please have the following formats:

  1. .pdf
    post this on Basecamp (Make sure it is below 3MB)

  2. .ai
    Make sure you have this saved down to CS6. Have an outlined version and a font based version.

Please have a USB available to put on the computer.





Challenge 03: A brand

You will need start on your visual research for your Design Audit.

1. Research your brand/product.

  • Gather as much as possible on the existing brand or product.
  • Logo, websites, other collatoral.

2. Research competetor brands/products.

  • Gather as much as possible on 3 commpetor brands.
  • You may have a admirable brand that is not a direct competitor. If so then include that as well.

Gather all this and organize this into a folder or in an indesign multipage pdf. You will need to show the class what you have found so far.