Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Week 5
Mon. 9-21 Challenge #1 Info graphics




  • Talk and look at your ideas and design plan.
  • Get approval to begin creating graphics.
  • Work in illustrator to construct all the graphic elements.
  • Reach out to professor for any assistance.




Final designs due: Wed. Sept 30th



Talk about titles

Name of the infograph

  • Make it interesting: The title of your infograph should sound conceptual and catchy. You don't want it to sound too technical or boring.

  • Short and sweet: Keep the title short and to the point

  • Unique and innovative: Steer away from the obvious. Come up with an interesting name for the infograph that will attract the view but covers the concept of the topic.

Design style (look at some samples)

  • Placement: Placement of the title is typically at the top. Does that work for your design or concept? If the poster is vertically long, maybe top is best.

  • Consistency: Title might work best on another page. If you have a booklet or brochure, the title would be in another location. If it folds out to a poster, then you need some title repeated on the poster and cover of brochure.

  • Treatment: Type treatment is important. The type choices will dictate the typography throughout the info graph.

  • Highlighting: How will you make your title stand out. Often graphic elements are included like banners or shapes around the title. In some cases you just have to have enough negative space around the title and distance from the content.
HOMEWORK - Due Wed. 9-23

Phase 5- Design

Design: printout your designs to show class for Wednesday.

Class will start promptly at 2pm
Door will be shut and locked, so don't be late




Printouts are essential for marking up and for making suggestions and changes to your designs.

Please no excuses. At 400 level there is no excuse for not having your work. You are on the verge of being a professional. Act like one.



Provide print outs of:

    • infograph
    • legend with icons

print outs

  • should be....
    • large enough to show your direction
    • on as many 11 x 17 pages that will help us see your message.
    • in black & white or in color.
    • should be clean
    • updates with more graphics

  • should not be.....
    • on 8.5 x 11
    • faded because your ink in low
    • not folded or ripped
    • double sided
    • pixilated or blurry

Are you doing web? Then your designs will be viewed on the computer. Please bring files on a disk and make sure it will not be missing any fonts or images. Show as a website or as a pdf.







Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Wed. 9-23
Challenge #1 Info graphics


Critique Print outs - meet in room 408

(AKA Key) (AKA design Elements) (AKA icon set)




What should be in the Legend or Key:

  1. Title
  2. List icons with description
  3. Apply a grid structure
  4. Label if there are sub-sections
  5. Place a footer with your:
    Title of infographic project
    Date of project
    Designer name
  6. Apply placeholders with sketches


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HOMEWORK Due Monday 9- 28

Phase 5- Designs by Monday

Post on Basecamp:

1)  Refined designs of your info-graphic layouts - jpeg

2) Updated legend (Key) of your info-graphic layouts - jpeg



  Final designs due: Wed. Sept 30th