Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Week 3

Mon. 9-07 Challenge #1 Info graphics



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Art 444: Paula DiMarco
Wed. 9-09
Challenge #1 Info graphics




Planning/ Strategizing

1)   What is the overall message?

a)    What is the big idea?

b)   What are the issues that need to be addressed? Why?

c)   Narrow down your content to be specific to goal and needs of your client.

d)   What are the goals and how do they align with client’s business strategy? (Client is the sponsor)

2)   Content details

a)    Main message/characters

b)   Sub message /characters

c)   Numerical info

d)   Anecdotal info

e)   Instructional info

f)     Educational info

3)   Persona/Archetype

a)    Know your audience.

b)   Does the audience like to read? Will it be in one moment or over time?

c)   Are their limitations or restrictions the audience has? Like older demographics have hard time seeing? Or most will read Spanish over English.

d)   What does the profile look like? (This is the Attributes of the most common audience types. Age, gender, profession, geography, education, interests, etc.)

e)   What are the interests and values of this archetype?

f)     What are their lifestyle choices?


4)   Purpose

a)    What does the audience need to know? And why?

b)   How do you want the audience to respond emotionally to the information? (Reassure them, inspire them, motivate them to do something?)

5)   User experience:

a)    What does this physically look like?

b)   How will they interact with the designed piece?
While walking? Working? Having coffee? Looking at the computer screen? Watching a TV show? Sitting and waiting for an appointment? Standing in the elevator? Or at a bus stop? Driving down the road? Stopping at gas station? Parking? In a personal space? Public space?


Design Plan

1)   Make a blueprint

c)   This is the stage where you plan out where things will go?

d)   Detail guideline/ map of how the audience will read the information.

e)   How much content in what location?

f)     Do you need headers?

g)   Are their diagrams and where are they located and why do they need to be in those locations?

h)   Are their charts? What do they look like and where would they go?

6)   Illustrations/graphics

a)    What style do the icons look like?

b)   What colors will you use?

c)   Types of lines, shapes and type to be used.





Professor will meet with students to view their sketches.

CLASS: While you are waiting please do the following:

1.    Begin to create sketches for icons.

2.    Decide on the type of style you want to convey





Phase 3- Strategize and design

1)   Strategy: Compiling your strategy in written form. Make an outline (This is like the creative brief)

2)   Design Plan: Compile your design plan by gathering and organizing what the look and feel of the design.  This is done through mood boards and sketches.

Strategy - Submit this on basecamp in a discussion called “Strategy” by Thursday Sept 10th.


Design Plan - Submit this on basecamp on basecamp in a discussion called “Design Plan” by Monday Sept 14th.



Information Graphics.

Design Formats


Tips for making a strong design