444: Graphic Design 3: Overview:



  • The class will have 4 projects, which are called challanges. All of these challenges will overlap.  These projects will take a good portion of your time to work on. 






  • In addition to challenges, you will have reading assignments which will include some activitites. These are due almost every week and must be handed in on time (or they will not be accepted.)

Studio Environment

  • The class will be treated like a studio setting.



  • We will have studio meeting where we all look at the designed of all the participants. 




Meeting Deadlines

  • When phases of your challenges are due for studio review, you must have all the requirements and be present in the class for the discussion or critique.





  • You must have your work on time.  No
    exceptions —no late work.

Quality of work

  • You should do the absolute best quality in design and technique.

  • You should expect the best from yourself and therefore I need the best from all of you.  We are a team and we need to work together and pull your your own weight in the studio.




  • Quality should be in all aspects of your work: sketchbook, preseatations, mock up, and reported research. All work should use a good strong use of type and layout.


Being Present:

  • Not just Physically but mentally.


  • You will be expected to be in every studio day and you must be on time.



      You are required to know the programs before you even get to this class, so if you are having trouble, you need to learn as much as you can soon or drop the class.




o     Photoshop is very important to the staging of your work.

o     InDesign and Illustrator are important for type treatements and construction of design products.


Are you ready for this class?

      Think about it.

      If you are not ready for this class, you should drop and consider taking the class another semester or never.  This class will be a more intensive then the 300 level courses.


      It is not required to take the class and you can take many of the 300 level classes 2xs.