Web Site Design:
For your automobile / fashion company or related event.
using Photoshop


For students to learn about designing web sites using Photoshop techniques. The objective of this exercise is to examine layout, details, and hierarchy of a professional car company web site. Students will design a web site modeled after their advertisements.

The objective of this assignment is to learn how to design web sites using type and image in Photoshop.

  • Computer -software skills:
    Photoshop: color adjustments, compositing, cropping, cloning, creating buttons, navigation bars, type tool, layer effects.

  • Graphic Design Skills:
    Formal elements of design such as Focal Point, Hierarchy, Eye flow (continuation), Unity through Grids, Balance using negative and positive space

  • Typographic concepts:
    Type for the web is distinct and unique to the web. Students will be able to identify web type sizes, web based fonts and other type attributes.



  • Pages: (3)
    Main page, and 2 other similar screens

  • Size:
    Size is based on the sizes of other car sites. In other words, it will be based on a screen grab. the size should match the screen grab you take from other sites. (pixel height and width)

  • Type:
    use the same type size, similar font choice, and location of type from existing sites.

  • Layout:
    utilize the same grid systems and layouts from other professional automobile/ fashion web sites

  • Images:
    size images accordingly; apply any treatment used in your advertisement and pre-existing site

  • Effects:
    create the same type of effects as you see on the web sites using the photoshop tools.
    (This is part of learning process. If you can not make this effect, please ask for help.)

Final submission:

  • Submit 3 final pages created in Photoshop with layers.

  • Label all layers and group corresponding content.



Grading Criteria:
Grading is based on the following:

___ Sketches/Comps
___ Over all final product

___ Specifics:
___ Elements and principles of design
___ Use of skills according to class demos
___ Following directions
___ Presentation
___ Strong computer technique
___ Time (having things done on time) and Effort (put in 100% effort into the project)