Summer 2003

Art 354: Typography

Art 356: Graphic Design 2


Art 354:The application and principles of computer graphics as a creative technological medium. Practical experience with micro-computers in studying the potentials of graphic communication and visual expression.

Art 356: Application of graphic design principles to computer generated page layout. The design of text documents, graphic elements, and their incorporation into page layouts will be covered using current software applications. Emphasis placed on the use of the computer for decision-making and experimentation

  Course Content:

These classes features a unique combination of active participation , in-class exercises, critiques, and discussions as well as studio projects which focusing on conceptual as well as technical issues related to graphic design, typography and visual communication. Class is combined with Art 343 & 344.

  Required materials

Course readings will be available at:

ASAP copy and print
Tel: 818-700-7999

(only when instructed will you need to pict up your reading packets.)

  Graphic Materials:

You will need to purchase graphic tools, for mounting, cutting and pasting your assignments. You will also need access to a camera. (35mm, APS, or digital.) You will also need to pay for the cost of printing. (So if this is a problem you may reconsider taking this course or majoring in art with a graphic design concentration.)

  Computer Input/ Output equipment:

Assignments will be completed on the computer.

Zip disks
Please buy 2 zips disks (one for backup, one for everyday use). Professor may collect Zip disks.

So you must have your work backed up on the other disk. Professor is not responsible if the disk gets damaged and student does not have a back up. It is your responsibility to back up all your files. Professor will not except the excuse "My disk went bad" or "My disk was stolen." You still need to do the projects assigned. * Please purchase a Macintosh disk unless you are using a PC at home —PC disks have known to cause problems in the Macintosh computers.

(Home or school) Computer/Scanner /Color printer.
Printed out in black and white and color. Therefore please factor in the cost of output into your materials list.


Due to the credit hours, students are required to come in for lab-time outside of class. Lab-time is not regulated, but it is up to the student to complete all homework and lab-time assignments on his or her own time. Plan to spend at least 18 hours per week outside class.


participation means:
you participate during every class discussion. Participation means you must speak and express your opinion and views about the issues addressed. You are expected to give respect to the professor and the students when participating.

You will be evaluated on this aspect of the course as follows:

[12] Always Participates
[8] Participates most of the time.
[4] Participates sometimes.
[0] Never participates.


Attendance is not an option it is a requirement as part of your class participation grade. Due to the condensed summer schedule, students are required to attend all classes and all critiques. This included final critiques. If you are absent because you are sick or have an emergency, a doctors note or some proof of emergence must be provided. Policy is as such: every absent will be a deduction of your class participation.



reading assignments
The reading assignments are in the required articles/ handouts provided by professor. The professor will announce each reading. Students are expected to read and discuss articles.
In-class discussions of these readings are part of your grade.
design studio projects

There are 2 types of studio activities: In-class exercises and Main design projects. These activities are considered in class and out of class assignments and must be handed in for course credit as appointed in the grade section of this syllabus. Some in-class days may be lab works days, however, plan to spend outside of class time in order to complete these assignments. Students are required to attend all critiques for each

In-class exercises:
These exercises are vehicles for learning about the formal elements of design. Exercises are graded. These assignments are given to provide the students with exposure to practical application as well as conceptual.

Main design projects
The main design projects are given as a way for the student to explore and practice visual communication. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries of design through innovation and conceptual development. The main studio projects are evaluated according to design, presentation, innovation, and skills. (See assignment sheets for further details on evaluation criteria)

#2: TBA
#3: TBA


No exams for this semester.

  *note the following

If a students has any of the following items, they will receive an incomplete on the assignments and will be asked to re-do. (This means even if money has been spent on printing and mounting.)

Avoid the following at all cost:
1. Crooked lines or paper fraying.
2. Pixilated images or graphics
3. Glue residue or dirt marks
4. Uneven folding.
5. Misspelling or grammar problems
6. Any font not approved by professor

Ban Fonts:
None of the following fonts can be used.
Fonts w/ city names
New York

Comic Sans
Script fonts must be approved before using.
(if you are not sure ask)