Editorial Design Layout:
on a professional dance company or performance group.
* Please note*
You need to either make up a new magazine
or find an existing (art, culture, lifestyle type) magazine
that might feature a dance/performance group.

For students to learn about designing a feature story for a magazine. (Grid Structure, concept, typography, Hierarchy)

  • Computer Layout skills:
    InDesign: Columns, Master pages, gutter width, Drop caps, Runaround, Paragraph styles, Character styles, Kerning, leading, sizing images, quotes, OCR scanning
    Photoshop: scanning, resolution, color adjustments, compositing, cropping, cloning, etc.

  • Graphic Design Skills:
    Formal elements of design such as Focal Point, Hierarchy, Eye flow (continuation), Unity through Grids, Balance using negative and positive space

  • Typographic concepts:
    Typographic rules, leading, kerning, alignment, use of serif, sans serif, and script type faces.



  • Version for print:
    4-6 pg (2-3 spread) editorial design for a feature story

    1-Contents Page (s)
    1-Magazine cover --Optional

  • Versions for iPad: (2 total) 1 version horizontal, 1 version vertical.
    For the ipad, your pages might be shorter as the interactivity option will change the way the layout will function.
    Since it will not be linear 9page by page) you may have scrolling text with the same image, or additional images that the user can toggle through.


  • Version for print:
    Depends on the magazine that would feature your article.
    (can not use 8.5 x 11. Magazines are not this size, so do research on sizes.)
    Resolution should be 266ppi.

  • Version for iPad:
    The iPad
    display is 1024 x 768 pixels.
    The pixel density (resolution) is 132 ppi



Please scroll down to read each part of the project
and the due date and contents that are due.

What is Due...

PART 1: DUE Thursday September 29

PART 2: DUE Tuesday October 4th


  • You will be assigned a dance or performance company.

  • Find inspiration related to the content: Look at design that related to dance.

  • Read and search videos about the dance company you were assigned.

  • What magazine will the feature this article?
    Keep in mind that if you can find one that you like or think works, you may have to make up your own magazine.
    If you create your own magazine brand, you will have to develop a logo for the cover and contents pages.

  • Note: The magazine does not have to be about dance. It can be a lifestyle magazine or a culture magazine. The magazine could be a local area magazine.

    For example:
  • bello magazine, Ciudad, and Fuego magazines are latino culture magazines that may feature a latin dance group. (Click here)

  • San Francisco magazine is a lifestyle magazine for the San Francisco area. So you can choose something that is a locally based magazine.

  • New York magazine has articles on entertainment and the arts in New York City.

  • V magazine is a magazine about art, fashion, film and music. So they may feature a story about a dance company.

  • Vanity Fair magazine usually features on their cover some one famous. But inside the magazine, they may have an article about a particular dance company

  • There are other magazines like, Dance Australia, Dance Informa, Dance Magazine,

  • Some magazines only are online and do not have printed versions. Like: Encore magazine, Lost Magazine, City Magazine. These all have good names but their logo is not effective. So you would have to redesign their logo title.

Review your content

  • You will need to go through all your images and content on the dance company assigned.
  • Due:
    • An article: that reads clear and talks about the performers and the company. (see below)
    • Title: Submit 6 different titles of your editorial.
    • Subtitle: submit 6 different subtitles of your editorial


  • You will need to gather all the information you have on the performers and create an article. You can cut, copy, and past from the content provided and online. Whether you find an article online or you gather text from the net and piece it together, you may need to do some basic editing to make it work for your magazine and article type.

Title of article and subtitle:

  • Title: Based on the copy you have found, you will need to come up with a title for the article.
  • Subtitle: a subtitle is just as important. Sometimes the title is short and the subtitle is more descriptive.


  • So start brainstorming and by this date come up with an idea.


What is Due...

PART 3: DUE Thursday October 13


Layout — Indesign:

Have 5 different versions of your spreads on the computer.

  • Use different images for each version.
  • Experiment with textures
  • (Do Not use the color black in the background). Unless that is the color from the image.
  • Do not use dummy text. All text must be actual copy.

Look at magazines:

  • See how other magazines treat their feature articles.

Layout your second and third spreads.

Have 6 additional versions of your designs.

This means you will have 6 more InDesign files with your 2nd and 3rd spreads on them.

Must have these items by this day. This is the fourth part of your grade and you will get docked if you do not have this item.


What is Due...


By this date, the professor and yourself should have chosen the 2-3 best layouts

(That is... 3 sets of 2 page spreads...... that is.......12 pages total.........each layout consists of 4 pages).

Contents page of magazine

  • Have 5 variations of your contents page(s) designs by this date.
  • The contents should have the logo of the magazine, your article, and a list of the departments and feature article for your magazine issue/


  • Layout the 3rd spread for your article.
  • Have an idea about which design you will choose.

Must have these items by this day. This is the fourth part of your grade and you will get docked if you do not have this item.

Due: Editorial Spreads and contents page(s). Submit packaged folder with fonts, pictures and the InDesign file.


  • All the work from the course.
  • Layout with name and contact information. Submitted on the teachers' station
  • 2 files: medium resolution pdf and a low resolution pdf.


Grading Criteria:
Grading is based on the following:
Note: Extra credit will be given to anyone who creates 3 covers (3 issues) for their magazine.

___ Sketches/Comps
___ Over all final product

___ Specifics:
___ Elements and principles of design
___ Use of typography according to class lectures
___ Following directions
___ Presentation
___ Strong computer technique
___ Time (having things done on time) and Effort (put in 100% effort into the project)