Advertisement for a magazine
(Automobile or fashion)

For students to learn about the techniques in photoshop for magazine advertisements. (creating environments, atmosphere, compositing, retouching, etc.)

  • Computer skills:
    Photoshop: resolution, color adjustments, compositing, cropping, cloning, selecting, image manipulation, image compositing, creating atmosphere and other effects.

  • Graphic Design Skills:
    Formal elements of design such as Focal Point, Hierarchy, Eye flow (continuation), Unity color, tone and layout, Balance using negative and positive space


  • Version for print: 2 page advertisement for a magazine. (a spread) Full bleed, full color

  • Versions for iPad: (2 total) 1 version horizontal, 1 version vertical.


  • Version for print:
    Depends on the magazine that would feature your advertisement.
    (can not use 8.5 x 11. Magazines are not this size, so do research on sizes.)
    Resolution should be 266ppi.

  • Version for iPad:
    The iPad display is 1024 x 768 pixels.
    The pixel density (resolution) is 132 ppi.

Please scroll down to read each part of the project
and the due date and contents that are due.


What is Due...

PART 1: PART 2: DUE Tuesday October 29th


  • What magazine will the Advert be placed. Choose a magazine that you think is well designed and has a good size.
  • Measure the size of the magazine. (Can not be 8.5 x 11 if it is then you make a change to the size for the sake of the magazine style).

  • Is this a car advertisement or a fashion based advert?

  • What brand or type of brand will you be focusing on?

  • Can you find a high quality logo for your brand? (This will be needed.) In some cases it will need to be scanned and then recreated or retouched.

  • Think about how a part of the advert can move (2D movement might be applied.)

  • Your advert will be seen in a magazine for print and a magazine on an iPad/ tablet device, so you will need to do 3 versions (one for print- 2 page spread) (one landscape and one portrait). So how will that work?

  • What are the sizes and dimensions of these adverts based on the magazine? You will need to research this information?

  • Collect various (15-30) backgrounds to use, environments, like landscapes, cities, buildings, etc. These must be high resolution, so in some cased you may need to scan from photographic books. But look for wallpapers and high resolution images on line.

Mood board for your brand
11 x 17
For automotive or fashion
advertisement and Website

Overall Presentation:

  • This should be designed and properly labeled for each
  • This should be one page 11 x 17 with multiple images, graphics and typography. You will need to include the logo of your brand.
  • Don't use type that is too large but do not use type that is too small.
  • You are designers, so make it look good. Presentation is everything. Make sure the presentation works.

Contents of Moodboard:
(Only choose examples based on the direction you want to go. Use the examples to explain the look and feeling of your advert.)

    1. Collection of images: Use images that show the culture of the brand. What do these people look like? Age, gender, what they would read. What artwork would they like? Backgrounds, models, cars, environments, etc.

    2. Examples of the style,
      These examples are stylistic features seen in other types of advertising or graphic design. Patterns, posters, graphics or other ads that are not the same type of brand but have a look and feeling you are trying to portray. Stylistic samples provide the client (myself) a better idea of what you are thinking about. A mood, a look, a direction.

    3. Color/Texture: Include color swatches and texture. You can include fabric shots or background textures. All these should reflect the brand image. Is it grungy, or sophisticated? Is it dark and warm or is it light and airy?

    4. Your ideas for tag-lines: What are some tag-lines for your brand that can be seen in your ad?

    5. Words / Typography: Include words that describe the brand.
      Adjectives describe a noun. All words must be in a typeface that is stylistic of the brand. Show images that go with the adjectives. These want to represent the target audience (person).


What is Due...


Rough Comp
(automotive or fashion)

This will the placement of the images:

  • A digital file showing the composition of the images.


  • Make sure you think about the principle of design, Focal point, hierarchy, eye flow, contrast.
  • Do not include the type.


Meeting with Professor:

  • You will need to make an individual appointment with the professor so that you can get technical help and feedback.
  • This will be essential in the success of your product.



Final Comp
(automotive or fashion)


Grading Criteria:
Grading is based on the following:

___ Submitted all Parts of assignment. (ie. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc...)
___ Submitted and completed final product

___ Elements and principles of design
___ Strong and effective use of Photoshop techniques
___ Following directions
___ Presentation
___ Time (having things done on time) and effort (put in 100% effort into the project)