Study Guide Quiz 02

The quiz is more like a test than a quiz.

The quiz is multiple choice, True False and short paragraph answers.

I can not tell you how many questions are on the quiz, but the quiz will take a good portion of the exam time. You will need to make sure you have memorized all of below.

Everything below is on the Quiz and you can not use your notes or the book. (Sorry you need to know this stuff.)

You need to find this information in the book as well as on my webpage or from your notes from the lectures.

If you can not find the subject listed below in the book or on my webpage, and you did not take notes on the subject, you can search the web. Most likely, what you find on the web about the subject matter is correct. But make sure you keep your web references, because if I mark it wrong, you have proof that this is what you learned.

The following is a list of questions, topics and terms you need to know for Quiz 2
File preparation: Prepress Workflow concepts:
Film to plate process Press Run
  • Seperations
  • Printing plates
Binding: Folds:
Paper History: Origin of Paper Paper making Process:
  • Where did the word Paper come from?
  • What country did paper come from?
  • What materials were used to make paper back in the day?
  • Hand made verse machine paper from history.
  • Non wood Pulp
  • Wood Pulp
  • Recycled paper pulp
  • Resources used to make pulp.
Paper Characteristics: Paper types and finishes:
  • Coated vs. uncoated
  • Sophisticated Coating
  • Smooth Finish
  • Columns
  • Vellum
Types of paper (PDF)
  • Tree-free Paper
  • Acid-Free Paper
  • Newsprint paper
  • Mechanical Paper
  • Gloss Coated paper
  • Matt coated paper
  • Digital Paper

What do the acronyms stand for and what are these file formats used for?