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History of Graphic Arts (3)

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Art Nouveau
Pictorial ModernismTimeline


A history of the development of the original print as a work of art from the 15th century to the present, including relief, intaglio and planographic media. Attention will also be given to the rise of graphic design and its impact as mass media in the 19th and 20th centuries.  

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Art341: T&Th
Production Design


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Production mechanics of designed projects are prepared for offset printing and digital reproduction. In-depth review of color separations, ink, paper, and current trends in print production as well as digital reproduction and multimedia. Prerequisite: Art 244; Art 200; Corequisite; non-art majors consult department for equivalency.

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Art356: M&W
Computer Publishing



Application of graphic design principles to computer generated page layout. Using current software applications, covers design of text documents, graphic elements, and their incorporation into page layouts. Emphasis on the use of the computer for decision-making and experimentation.Prerequisite: Art 244; Art 200; Corequisite; non-art majors consult department for equivalency.

Project 01 | Project 02 | Project 03

(In addition, there are several practice assignments that you will be required to submit. These assignments are listed in the schedule.)




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Text on a Circle

Blending Shapes and Color

Masking a Photo in Illustrator

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Photoshop Introduction

Other interesting things to check out.

Everything is a Remix Part 3

Milton Glaser- Drawing



Recommended Graphic Design Books!


Type- PBS

Helvetica - PERIOD.

Design - Font-mania

An Intro to Typography

Typography: Lesson TWO

Another Video About Typography


How to Design a Logo


Graphic Design Technical

Image Size & resolution

Resolution information

What is LPI?

Understanding resolution

More on Resolution


Creating a PDF & Packaging a file
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Writing High Resolution PDFs from Indesign

Make a PDF


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