Fall, 2013 – MGT 462

Wal-Mart analysis

Find an article about an ethical dilemma Wal-Mart managers faced. For that ethical dilemma, describe the following:

  1. What ethical choices did Wal-Mart managers face?
  2. What moral choices did Wal-Mart managers face?
  3. What public policy choices did Wal-Mart managers face?
  4. What legal choices did Wal-Mart managers face?

Submit a paper that is a maximum of 3 pages single-sided, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins all around. Citations of any materials you referenced and used in your analysis are required. Citations can be on a 4th page (i.e. citations are not restrictied to fitting within the three pages of prose). Any exhibits/attachments/etc. also can go beyond the three page limit..

Due date: Monday, Dec. 9, midnight. You can either hand in the paper on the last day of class, or you can email me at mediumcoolprofessor@gmail.com. with a SINGLE attachment. Dec. 9 is just the due date. Keep in mind that it possible to do these things before the due date!