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Pikes are the Best Damn Fraternity Period


Beta Sigma and Ohad Katzman


Jeremy Brown running for A.S. President


David Busse and Autumn


Dave Jackson and Casey Heying


Eric the pledge at rush, "Look at my head I got my ass kicked"


Alex Fadin giving the birdie on the bus


Gabe Schkliar and his girlfriend


Mike Grofsky and Derek


Pi Kappa Alpha at IMs


Tim Carhart and Nick Loebs playing caps


Neal Mansky and Lauren White


Oscar Vasquez


Group Photo at the Kappa Exchange Spring 2001


Whos back is this?


Steve Ponce on the run


Dave the pledge, Keith, Darren and Tony


Keith Studley making or missing the basket?


Nick shooting and making a basket


Wicked Pictures Night at rush Spring 2002


30th Anniversary photo




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