Differences Between the Education of Boys and Girls

Anna Gasparova and Partrick Be English 155

Kids go to school to get an education, but is there an equality of education in public schools today? Without thinking about it, anyone would say that of course boys and girls get the same education because this is the twentieth century. Boys and girl learn in different ways. While the boys require more attention from the teachers and their peers, girls are more self-conscious, requiring less attention. The more attention that boys get from their teachers causes them to get a better education than girls because girls are more at unease with themselves. Also in physical education the girls are separate from boys even though they take the same classes and play the same sports; they are taught differently. The coaches favor the boys more because they think the males are more serious about sports than any female could ever be.

Even though boys and girls take the same classes with the same teachers they get a different education, this is due to genderal differences. Females are more invisible in the classroom than males. "Girls are the majority of out nations schoolchildren, yet they are second-class citizens." (Sadkler 1) If this fact is true, then why does this occur?

Boys of course like to be the center of everyone's attention. So, a lot of times they misbehave or make inappropriate comments. Teachers do agree with this fact and when they were asked why they spend more time helping out the boys, they would say something like, "Because boys need it more" or " Boys have trouble reading, writing, doing math. They can't even sit still. They need me more." (Sadkler 5) "While teachers are spending time with boys, the girls are being ignored and shortchanged." (Sadkler 5) We know that girls are quieter, shier and behaved better than boys.

…girls and women learn to speak softly or not at all; to submerge honest feelings, withhold opinions, and defer to boys; to avoid math and science as male domains; to value neatness and quiet more than assertiveness and creativity; to emphasize appearance and hide intelligence. Through this curriculum in sexism they are turned into educational spectator instead of players; but education is not a spectator sport. (Sadkler 13)

Why should it be like this! This is no longer nineteenth century where women could not think or do anything for themselves. They need to be involved in their school work. They should feel equal to males and be able to express their true opinion and be confident of what they say. If a girl has an opinion and wants to express it, she should not hold back because she does not know how the male classmates wouldreact to her opinion.

It seems like the classrooms are separated into two very different groups. One being the actors, who are the males of the class and the observers or spectators, who are obviously the females of the class.

Male students control classroom conversation. They ask and answer more questions. They receive more praise for the intellectual quality of their ideas. They get criticized. They get help when they are confused. They are the heart and the center of interaction. Watch how boys dominate the discussions. (Sadkler 42)

We know that boys participate in the classrooms a lot more than girls do. A lot of the times their answers are wrong and sometimes not even close to being right, but this does not stop them from saying whatever they want. And teachers still respond to whatever comment they boy has made. But whenever the girls call out the answers or participate a fascinating result occurs, "the teacher remembers the rule about raising your hand before you talk." And this is an embarrassing comment for a girl coming from a teacher. The teachers remember the rules when it comes to the girls because girls are supposed to be more proper and more disciplinary than boys. This most often makes the boys the stars of the classroom and girl are so invisible that they are just the spectators. "One researcher have found that for every eight star-boys there is only one star-girl." (Sadkler 48)

Bright boys get attention by the respect of his teachers; the bad boys or the trouble makers still get the attention even though it is negative. While the smart girls are "least likely to be recognized" by her teachers. Maybe this is because the teachers think that the girl is smart and naturally she would not need any attention.

As we see now there is a major gender difference in education and in the way the children are being educated today. Eventhough some teachers may not motice it, but they tend to respond to the students the participate more than those who just sit there. And the students that mostly paricipate, are the males. When the teacher gives more attention to one group than the other he or she seems to forget the other half because of being so involved. This makes the other half, being the girls fade out.

There is also an inequality of physical education in schools today. In physical education, there are many sports that are being taught, like basketball, baseball or softball, football, volleyball, soccer and many other sports. The class is always going to consist of a variety of students that want to learn how to play the sport of their interest. These classes are usually mixed with females and males.

Many of the coaches or teachers that are teaching the sport usually favor the males over the females, especially in certain sports like football. When it comes to the girls playing football the coaches would either try to convince the girl to play some other sport, but if he cannot, then he would just have her sit on the bench and watch. Football is a very rough sport that only guys can play with each other because they are all big and the actions are very fast for a girl to catch up with. If a girl was to play football, it would be with other girls because they have the same strength more or less, and that way the girls would not get hurt as much as they would playing with guys. The girls would wear protective gear for their chests so they will not get hit when they are tackled, but the guys they have to wear a cup that protects their groin from getting hit. The only way girls can play football with the guys is to play flag football. In flag football instead of tackling the offensive player, the player would have to pull off a "flag", which is hanging on a belt of each player.

Baseball is another sport that only guys play. This sport requires quick action and thinking. The players always have to be alert with their surroundings, like to know were the base runners are, where the catcher is, basically where all his teammates are positioned. Coaches think that girls are slow and cannot handle a small hard ball that is being pitched to them at about eighty miles an hour. The only alternative for females in this sport is softball. Softball is similar to baseball, but the only difference is that the ball is bigger and the pitcher pitches the ball underhand instead of overhand like in baseball. Also the girls use a hollow aluminum bat instead of a wooden one. So, softball unlike baseball could be played with both males and females.

Basketball is played by both males and females only in separate teams because males are quicker and faster; therefore, playing more aggressively than females. Boys also have a height advantage over girls. This sport requires height, good ball handling, quickness of the feet and of the eyes, and jumping skills. Females are usually short and not really quick with dribbling the ball, that is why they do not play with guys. In schools, they have girls basketball teams and boys basketball teams so it would appear fair for the girls to play too.

Volleyball is equally played by males and females, but the only thing is that they do not play against each other. Many girls love this sport because it does not require quickness and timing. Guys are equally as good as girls are in this sport, but the difference is that they are much stronger and can "spike" the ball as fast as they can throw it.

Soccer also is equally played by males and females because this sport does not require much strength of the upper body at all. The only thing a player needs is strong legs so they can run fast and kick hard. This sport also goes with the other spots where girls do not play against guys. This is the only sport that requires a lot of running on a field that is equivalent to a football field, which is a hundred yards in length and fifty three and a third yards in width.

The coaches that teach sport to females are mostly female also; girls teams rarely have a male coach to teach them to play a sport. The male coaches feel that they will be noted for their coaching a guys team more instead of a girls team. They think that guys are more serious about sports and may be doing something with it for the rest of their lives. While they see the girls having interest in a sport that is something more unstable or just a hobby or just a way to spend time. The male coaches think they will be honored more and it will be more prestigious for them to coach a boys team. In this way the girls have less opportunity of having some coaches that really goes out there and trains them like they do for guys.

In conclusion, the schools do have unequal education for boys and girls. Boys get more attention than girls do in classrooms and even more in sports.

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