California State University, Northridge



Interdisciplinary Seminar Series - Schedule Spring 2000

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 Science 2132

This series will explore the interdisciplinary nature of imaging in health and the sciences, presented by experts from academia and industry. Imaging depicts the internal structure of an object without having to cut, crack, or otherwise macroscopically damage the object. Various probes, including X-rays, gamma rays visible light, heavy ions, sound waves, microwaves, electrons, protons, neutrons, and nuclear magnetic resonance signals, are used to study a large variety of objects whose sizes vary over an enormous range,from complex molecules to distant galaxies. This series provides a brief introduction to imaging techniques such as MRI, PETscan, CATscan, and NMR and to the un- derlying mathematical theory and engineering design behind them. All Lectures are open to the public! You can receive 1 unit of credit in most majors.

For any questions regarding this seminar.... Please contact Dr. Carol Shubin at (818) 677-7813

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