• Class Presentations

v     Global Positioning System (GPS) Course

      • NASA Site Visit Presentations
        • Global Positioning System (GPS) Course, Dr. Simila, PPT.
        • GPS Modeling, Dr. Simila, PPT.
        • Global Positioning System (GPS) Theory, Data Analysis, and Modeling, Dr. Horn, Dr. Shubin, Dr. Simila, HTML.
      • NASA PAIR SUMMIT Presentation
        • 2002 NASA PAIR SUMMIT: Determining the Location of the Northridge Blind Fault,
          Arwen Vidal, Lucy Calvillo, PPT.

v     Proteomics Course

      • NASA Site Visit Presentations
        • Proteomics Class, Dr. Clevenson, PPT.
      • Student Presentations
        • Data Analysis of Jelly and Jelly with Sperm Enzyme, Marisa Briones,
          Thao Pham, Tracy Purdum (August 2001), PPT.
        • A Model to Determine Molecular Weights of Proteins from Gel Electrophoresis,
          Jose Ceja and Khamyar Ghods (August 2001), PPT.
        • Molecular Weight Determination of Unknown Proteins,
          Barbara Falkowski, Falgun Patel, Celia Smith (August 2001), PPT.
        • Determining Molecular Weight of Unknown Proteins,
          Gregory Frye, Jennifer Wright, Jennifer Rosales (August 2001), PPT.
        • Frog Gels: Analysis of Skin, John Donich, Claudia Morales, Kevin Berry (January 2003), PPT.
        • NASA-PAIR/ Proteomics Projects, Elham, Crystal, Gerardo (January 2003), PPT.
        • Sperm Enzyme Preparation, Oscar, Maria, Antonio (January 2003), PPT.
        • Sea Urchin Vitelline Envelope Removal, Devin Morris, Maurice Fernandez, Milton Diaz (January 2003), PPT.
        • Proteomics: Group 7, Aaron Simo, Antolino Venegas, Daniel Weisman (January 2003), PPT.
        • Comparing Frog Gels: Analysis of Male and Female Samples, Jorge Bermudez, Kathleen Cadman, Nernie Tam (January 2003), PPT.
        • Sea Urchin VE Removal...Prediction of Molecular Weights of Unknown, Michael Dinse, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Maria Uribe (January 2003), PPT.

v     Orbital Mechanics Course

      • NASA Site Visit Presentations
        • Orbital Mechanics Course, Dr. Horn, HTML.
      • Student Presentations
        • Predator-Prey Relationships, Maria Casillas, Devin Morris, John Paul Phillips, Elly Sarabi, Nernie Tam (August 2002), PPT.
        • Chaos, Lucy Calvillo, Michael Dinse, John Donich, Elizabeth Gutierrez, Maria Uri
          (August 2002), PPT.
        • Data Analysis on Contour Probe, Marisa Briones, Milton Diaz, Maurice Fernandez, Danny Gunawan (August 2002), PPT.

v      Solar Physics Course

      • NASA Site Visit Presentations
        • Modeling the Sunís Energy Output, Dr. Cadavid, Dr. Walton, PPT.
  • Sigma Xi Presentations 2005
        • Tova Sardot, Alcohol Dehydrogenase Catalysts Bound to Fuel Cell Electrodes, PPT.
        • Devin Morris, Role of Intracellular Calcium in Glucocorticoid-Evoked Lymphoid Cell Apoptosis, PPT.
        • Sarah Neyer, Analysis of the Discrete Anisotropic Diffusion Equation in Application to Neural Fiber Tracking, PPT.
        • John Sikora, Ridge Reconstruction Algorithm Diffusion Tensor Imaging, PPT.
        • Shelby Dawson, A Quaternary Rate of Convergence Across the Sunland Fault and Related Folds Near Sunland, PPT.
        • Grace Michaels, Fiber Tracking Techniques in Magnetic Resonance Diffusion Tensor Imaging, PPT.
        • Modesty Briggs, Investigating Properties of Kneser Graphs, PPT.
        • Andrea Nemeth, Can We Predict Earthquakes, PPT.
        • Maria Uribe, A Probabilistic Model for Guiding the Mars Rovers, PPT.
        • Eloy Lopez, Weighing Designs for One-Pan Spring Scales, PPT.