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The Program is Supported by NASA , CSUN , and JPL

Did you know that...

Want to get some research experience? Are you an undergraduate student at CSUN whose major is Biology, Chemistry, Geology/Earth Science, Mathematics or Physics? If so, you have come to the right place! By being part of the CSUN/JPL PAIR Program, you will get to take two of the NEW and EXCITING courses.

Do you want $2,000?

If yes, then just join the CSUN/JPL PAIR Program, and we will tell you how you can obtain them. Can you believe it? You will actually get paid for learning ! If getting $2,000 is not enough for you, then you can still get more. One of the other many opportunities of this program, is that you may get an opportunity to get a Research Fellowship either at CSUN, JPL, or other research institution. There is still more money for you! If you are ready to take the road to graduate school, then again the CSUN/JPL PAIR Program is the right place for YOU! This program offers you, $ towards GRE preparation course and exam, seminars, advisement and mentoring, support for travel to conferences, JPL tours, and guest speakers.
So what are you waiting for? JOIN the CSUN/JPL PAIR Program by:

downloading an application MS Word or Adobe PDF Format.

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