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The Program is Supported by NASA , CSUN , and JPL

  • Research Assistants 2004-2005 (Cohort 4)
    1. Devin MorrisWorking with Prof. Medh.
    2. Modesty Briggs; Working with Prof. Neubauer.
    3. Shelby Dawson; Working with Prof. Yule.
    4. David Gonzalez; Working with Prof. Alekseenko.
    5. Eloy Lopez; Working with Prof. Neubauer
    6. Guergana Milanova; Working with Prof. Alekseenko.
    7. Andrea Nemeth; Working with Prof. Shilling.
    8. Sara Neyer; Working with Prof. Alekseenko.
    9. Marvin Pineda; Working with Prof. Prince.
    10. Jose Rosales-Paez; Working with Prof. Bavarian.
    11. Tova Sardot; Working with Prof. Kelson.
    12. John Sikora; Working with Prof. Alekseenko.
    13. Antolino Venegas; Working with Precor with Prof. Shubin.
    14. Maria Uribe; LAUSD, NASA after school experience for middle school working with Prof. Shubin.
    15. Sylvia Enriquez; LAUSD, NASA after school experience for middle school working with Prof. Shubin.
  • Research Assistants 2003-2004
    1. Maria Uribe; JPL, worked with Dr. Hurst. Attending CSUN.
    2. Maria Casillas JPL intern.
    3. Kevin Berry; HMRI, worked with Dr. Ross. Obtained a BS in Math and Physics. Is working at NASA/GSFC.
    4. Tracy Purdum; JPL, worked with Dr. Hurst. Attends CSUN, working on a Masters.
    5. Gerardo Lopez; Worked with Prof. Bavanrian. Obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering. Is working at Mattel.
  • Research Assistants 2002-2003
    1. Celia Smith; Solar Observatory, worked with Prof. Walton.
    2. Alicia Maravilla; Worked at JPL. Attends CSUN, working on a Masters in Mathematics.
    3. Lucy Calvillo; Worked with Prof. Horn. Attends CSUN, working on a Masters in Mathematics.
    4. Ken Cooper; Worked at JPL. Attends CSUN, working on Master in Mathematical Physics.
    5. Falgun Patel; Worked at JPL. Obtained a Master in Computer Science at CSUN.
  • Research Assistants 2001-2002
    1. Elizabeth Bell; Worked with Prof. Cadavid. Obtained Masters in Physics at CSUN. Is working at Boeing.
    2. Cesar Herandez; Worked with Prof. Carroll.
    3. Jennifer Wright; Worked with Prof. Clevenson and Carroll. Attends CSUN, working on Masters in Mathematics.
  • Research Assistants 2000-2001
    1. Mario Martinez; Worked with Prof. Horn. Obtained Masters in Math at CSUN. Teaching now in a Community College.
    2. Rebecca Linck; Worked with Feyman and Ruzmaikin. Attends Cal. State San Luis Obispo.
    3. Arwen Vidal; Worked with Prof. Banerdt. Attends University of Colorado with Ph.D Sloan Fellowship in Geology.
    4. John Handy; HMRI, worked with Dr. Harrington. Attends UCLA.
    5. Istiak Murtaza; Solar Observatory, work with Prof. Walton.
    More information will be added later!

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