Welcome to the MPHSA Website

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The MPHSA is an organization that seeks to guide, support, and empower students enrolled in the MPH program to achieve their academic, professional, and social goals. Ideally, as a public health professional, every student is encouraged to grow and flourish in their own unique way. This is greatly dependent on striving to improve the life of the MPH Graduate Student, through a positive and fulfilling MPH program set forth by the dedicated, MPHSA.

The Benefits of Membership

  • Knowing you can personally impact the health of CSUN students
  • The ability to network with other MPH business professionals in the field
  • Personally connect with other MPH students in your classes while getting to know their passions and fields of interest
  • Practice together, as student health professionals, what you’ve learned from your coursework
  • Building a sense of pride in your community of MPH health professionals at CSUN