Hello, my name is Michael Matias Vargas, and I work in the KECK Lab at California State University, Northridge. The KECK Lab is a Computational Materials Theory lab, with PhD. students, Post Docs, Graduate students, and undergrad students. Research interests range far and wide, with Multiscale Modeling, Dislocation Transport, Spintronics and Quantum Hall Effect being among them. My current research is in Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, Spin Torque, and Tunnel Magnetetoresistance.

For a short explanation of MTJs, Spin Torque, and TMR, as well as some of my results, please go here.
For a little bit of my old research involving VASP (Vienna ab-initio Simulations Package), please go here.

Here is a link to CSUN's Mainpage, Cal State Northridge, and a link to the W. M. Keck Computational Materials Theory Center Group, whose website should be getting updated very soon.