• I completed my PhD in Statistics at the University of Toronto in 1995. I studied under the supervision of Robert Tibshirani, Professor of Statistics, at Stanford University.


  • My research interests include:

    1. Classification and pattern recognition, and Regression. In particular:
    1(a) Nonparametric classification (including functional data classificaation) when the covariates fragments are not necessarily missing at random
    1(b) Regression function as well as general curve estimation (and inference) in the presence of missing covariates when the MAR assumption may not hold.
    1(c) Lp and supremum norms of local averaging-based regression estimators when missing covariates may be present (with applications to classification and pattern recognition).

    2. Bootstrap methods with applications to kernel density estimation (including deconvolution density estimators). In particular:
    2(a) Weak convergence of Lp and supremum norms of kernel density estimators
    2(b) Weighted bootstrap methods for density estimators

    3. Ensemble methods in classification, pattern recognition, and curve estimation.



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