Dr. Hegab is an assistant professor in the department of Civil Engineering & Applied Mechanics at California State University-Northridge. Dr. Hegab pursued his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with emphasis of Construction Management from Civil Engineering & Construction Department, at North Dakota State University. after about 10 years of experience in construction management. He has a MS. in Civil Enginering / Structural Engineering. Dr. Hegab's philosophy of teaching is mixing the engineering theories with real life experience.

Dr. Hegab started a new program of Construction Management Techology at CSUN in Spring 2005. The program will serve the area with its need of construction managers. The program is accepting strudents from community colleges to the Junior level. The program's target is to be ABET accredited in the next three years.

Dr.Hegab's research is in the construction management area and focused on trenchless technology, cost, and construction materials.