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NURS 310 - Principles of Nursing Research


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Fall 2012 - Tuesday 1300-1545

Final exam time on SOLAR


Evidence based practice resources

  1. Marcia Henry webapge for nursing students
  2. EBP presentation online: Dr. D.Rutledge, PhD, RN
  3. St. Joseph of Orange Nursing EBP Blogspot
  4. Cochrane Collaboration **
  5. Online Journal of Clinical Innovations
  6. Joanna Briggs Institute Best Practices
  7. National Guidelines Clearinghouse
  8. Evidence based nursing - monthly free article
  9. AHRQ

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HSci310 Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

1. Define basic research terms and concepts.

2. Identify the rationale for participation in nursing research.

3. Discuss history, purpose, principles, and process of nursing research.

4. Cite methods by which the nurse can protect the rights of human subjects.

5. Review selected nursing and health-related research studies.

6. Use research findings to address nursing practice problems.

Academic Dishonesty

See BSN student handbook, CSUN catalog, & course syllabus for definitions, descriptions, and penalties.  Students are reminded that cheating and unethical behavior shows disrespect for others and self. 


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Course Overview

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NHMC/CSUN Collaborative EBP Day 4/2012

Course Description

Historical philosophical and ethical aspects of nursing research and relationship to nursing science, theory, and practice. Includes principles and methods of research for use in professional role, leadership, and development of nursing systems. Knowledge of the research process is developed and applied to critique of research studies, process of research proposal development and application of research findings to practice. Regular written assignments are required.

Course Prerequisites

Basic statistics (Math140 or equivalent) & Admission to the nursing program or permission of instructor

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