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Class Day & Times:

Fall 2010:  2 sections on Thursdays


See syllabus for almost weekly assignments.  Some assignments may require that you start a few weeks early, such as the online cultural competence CE course.

Study Guides & Strategies

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Student Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will:

  1. Relate the CSUN nursing program framework to nursing practice.
  2. Define characteristics of the professional nurse role.
  3. Analyze how the professional nurse role supports self-care & dependent care.
  4. Describe how life-long learning promotes personal and professional growth.
  5. Identify the impact of self-concept and role change on self and client.
  6. Discuss how patient advocacy facilitates self-care & dependent-care.
  7. Assess the influence of cultural and spiritual values, beliefs, attitudes, and practices on self-care and dependent-care.
  8. Analyze various communication theories and techniques in establishing, maintaining, evaluating, and terminating a therapeutic relationship with individuals and groups.
  9. Examine how selected nursing theories and models apply to nursing practice.



Required.  See syllabus

Grading Scale (see syllabus for assignments)

A           = 94-100 points

A-          = 90-93 points

B+         = 86-89 points

B           = 83-85 points

B-          = 80-82 points

C+         = 76-79 points

C           = 73-75 points  

C-          = 70-72 points

D           = 60-69 points

F            = <60 points


Academic Dishonesty

See BSN student handbook and CSUN catalog for definitions, descriptions, and penalties.  Students are reminded that cheating and unethical behavior shows disrespect for others and self.  Professional and ethical behavior is expected at all times in this course and violations will result in grade penalties.  Cheating will result in “F” in the course or assignment. In cases of “F” in the course students are prohibited from attending further classes of this course.  Student may also be referred to the University ethics committee if the student violates codes of conduct specified in CSUN catalog. 


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Course Information Overview

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Instructional Materials


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Course Description

From syllabus:

This course introduces the professional nursing role and facilitates students’ professional socialization.  Content areas are directed toward improving critical thinking, communication, & therapeutic intervention within the context of promoting patient self-care and dependent care. Exploration and discussions include:

a) Orem as the organizing framework of the nursing program,

b) academic and information management skills,

c) concepts of patient self-care and patient advocacy,

d) communication theory and skills,

e) nursing theories & models, including concepts related to psychosocial, cultural, & spiritual assessment, and

f) professional role-related skills.

From CSU Catalog

Course Prerequisites

Admission to the nursing program or permission of instructor