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Students must successfully complete one of the following:

A. Comprehensive Examination: This two-part examination will be based on the students required courses. Students in Option I must take Algebra and either Analysis I or Analysis II. Students in Option II must take Analysis I and one other excluding Algebra. Links are provided to exam syllabi, after each of the listed exams.

Algebra (material from 462, 460, and 560), Algebra

Analysis I (material from 501 and 552), 501, 552

Analysis II (material from 550 and 655), 550

Numerical Analysis (material from 581, 582),

Applied Functional Analysis (material from 680 A/B)

Probability/Statistics (material from 540, 542) 540, 542A

B. Master's Thesis: In order to write a master's thesis students must maintain a grade point average of 3.4 in their required courses. Each student must also defend his/her thesis in an oral examination by his or her thesis committee.

The University requires that students take at least one unit of MATH 697 (if they take a Comprehensive Exam) or one unit of MATH 698 (if they write a thesis). Units for MATH 697 or MATH 698 do not count toward the 31 units required for the degree.