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PUMP Undergraduate program consists of the following activities:

Summer Institute-I: This is an institute on Applied Mathematics and is open to students (including non math majors) that have completed two semesters of Calculus.

Summer Institute-II: This institute helps mathematics majors to transition from lower to upper division courses.

Undergraduate Seminar-I: This is a weekly seminar open to all mathematics majors that have completed Calculus-I.

Undergraduate Seminar-II: This is a weekly seminar open to selected mathematics majors who are taking upper division mathematics.

Undergraduate Research project: Juniors and seniors mathematics majors work on projects under the direction of a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics.

Click here for examples of projects done by the participants, as well as topics that are covered in the seminars.

If you would like to join the PUMP program visit this site regularly for announcements and applications forms for the various programs.