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All departmental financial support is based on the performance of graduate students. The two major forms of financial support are TA-ships and Graduate Assistantships discussed below. Occasionally other support opportunities arise in the form of research assistantships, or other external or internal grants. There are also annual awards for the outstanding graduate student in each option. Besides this departmental support students may also apply to a variety of support given by the University. We refer the students to the Office of Graduate Studies and the CSUN Financial Aid Office for more information.


As a TA you are typically expected to teach one or two sections of an entry level class such as College Algebra. TAs are also expected to enroll in at least three classes leading to their degree each semester and to make satisfactory progress toward their degree. The salary depends on the assignment (one or two courses) and is currently $3,000 per three unit semester course (or equivalent assignment) per year. The Department also has a limited number of Fee Waivers each semester, which willbe awarded to outstanding TAs.


The assignment and pay for Graduate Assistantships depends on the needs of the Department. Commonly, a Graduate Assistant will be asked to help in the grading of several upper division or entrance level graduate classes.