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Fellows Engaged as Resources in Mathematics to Assist Teachers



Math Club


Our GK-12 Fellows participate in the math club at Birmingham High School. Each week either the Fellows or a pair of students prepare a presentation on a mathematical topic of their choice. This extracurricular activity inspires students to work on more advanced mathematical topics of their own choosing, while allowing them to work with students of all levels, not just the students in their math classes. In addition to the student projects and presentations, other teachers from the school also share interesting topics, as well as their own research, at a level that the students can understand.

California State University, Northridge Summer Math Week


To wrap up the school year, the GK-12 Fellows organized a week of summer math activities to promote enthusiasm for mathematics among middle school students. Thirty-seven seventh grade students from two participating middle schools came to the campus to work with the Fellows on an introduction to linear functions and graphing. This was a topic the students had never seen before, but after the program they were better prepared to enter Algebra class in the 8th grade. The summer program impacted the Fellows as well. Planning the week of activities helped the Fellows to improve leadership and teamwork skills.



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