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The University requires that Applicants have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and a GPA of 3.0 or higher in the last 60 units and that applicants meet the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Requirements.

In addition, the Mathematics Department requires that you have B's or better in the following upper division mathematics classes:

- Advanced Calculus/Analysis (Math 350)

- Advanced Linear Algebra (Math 462)

Students with less than a B average may be eligible for conditionally classified status. Applicants with undergraduate degrees in fields outside the Mathematical Sciences may also be considered, provided that they have successfully taken a significant number of both lower and upper division Mathematics courses. Their eligibility and admission status will be determined by the Graduate Committee on an individual basis. Conditionally classified students needing to make up analysis and/or advanced linear algebra will be required to either pass Math 350 and/or Math 462 with a grade of B or better or pass the Mathematics Screening Exam. Conditionally classified students are required to attain classified status and satisfy all University requirements within two semesters of being admitted as a conditionally classified graduate student.


This exam is meant as an alternative for conditionally classified students to passing Math 350 and/or Math 462 with a B or better. The exam is given separately in Advanced Calculus/Analysis and in Advanced Linear Algebra. The screening exam will be given three times every year, in the week just before the start of each semester and in the week just after the end of the spring semester


At admission students are assigned a graduate advisor. Students are required to set an appointment with their graduate advisor as soon as they hear about their acceptance in the program. A course of study will then be planned by the student and the advisor according to the student’s availability, mathematical background and mathematical interests.

Students in both programs must complete at least 30 units of approved course work and one unit of the participating seminar, Math 589.. In order to maintain good standing, graduate students must complete at least one approved course during each semester. Students who fail to do so will be placed on probation. Students who fail to fulfill this requirement twice will be disqualified.