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The principal focus of the FERMAT project is to improve the quality of the education provided to mathematics graduate students at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Consistent with the goals of the NSF GK-12 program, we emphasize the development of communication, teaching, and teamwork skills of participating graduate students (Fellows).

It is also aimed at improving teacher quality in the participating schools where teachers and Fellows collaborate as professional colleagues to develop and deliver enhanced mathematics education. FERMAT Fellows are in the same classes two days a week and are embedded in the classroom planning and activities.

The project is funded by NSF Grant 0440547.

Principal Investigator and Project Director:
M. Helena Noronha


Jim Castro (CSUN)
Werner Horn (CSUN)
Gloria Morrison (LAUSD, local district 1 coordinator of secondary mathematics)


Pam Mason and Peg Cagle (LAUSD, local district 1 NBC teachers)


Judith R. Edgington (sole proprietor of Epsilon Delta.)


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FERMAT Seminar


Fellows meet weekly with PIs and collaborators for informal discussions about issues in secondary education as well as presentations of how certain lessons were implemented in the schools and any evidence of pupils' success. The seminar is also aimed at giving Fellows the opportunity to use the communication skills developed through this project in the school sites to present an advanced mathematical topic. CSUN math and education faculty also speak in the FERMAT seminar, as part of CSUN faculty mentoring program. The seminar is open to all graduate students.