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Master Teachers Program

Master Teachers



Professional Development


Secondary Education (SED): TPEs

A. Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students

TPE 1: Specific Pedagogical Skills for Subject Matter Instruction

B. Assessing Student Learning

TPE 2: Monitoring Student Learning during Instruction
TPE 3: Interpretation and Use of Assessments

C. Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning

TPE 4: Making Content Accessible
TPE 5: Student Engagement
TPE 6: Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices
TPE 7: Teaching English Learners

D. Planning Instruction and designing learning experiences for students

TPE 8: Learning about Students
TPE 9: Instructional Planning

E. Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

TPE 10: Instructional Time
TPE 11: Social Engagement

F. Developing as a Professional Educator

TPE 12: Professional, Legal, and Ethical Obligations
TPE 13: Professional Growth