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Special Education (SPED): Lesson Observation

What to Look For When Observing a Student Teacher

Do you ever wonder what you are supposed to be looking for when you're observing your student teacher? Many cooperating teachers have similar questions. In order to support you in your supervision of CSUN student teachers, we have developed two short, self-paced and self-guided training videos for you. These video clips are designed to provide you with opportunities to:

  1. practice using the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) to help you identify areas of strength and areas for growth during your student teachers' lessons, and;
  2. check your observation points against those that were identified by faculty in the mild/moderate specialization of the Department of Special Education.

Join us below for the first part of this process: Observing a Lesson

Observing a Lesson

Below is a 6-minute, edited video of a student teacher teaching a high school special day class. He is reviewing concepts in American Government in preparation for a test. Before beginning, please take the following steps to prepare you to observe his lesson.

Scroll down and click the PLAY button to watch the video. Please note: this video has been edited down from 27 minutes to the 6 minutes you see below. It does not include the entire lesson as it was presented to the students.

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