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Elementary Education (EED): Lesson Observation

What to Look For When Observing Student Teachers

Do you ever wonder what you are supposed to look for when observing student teachers? As a way for us to better support you in supervision of our student teachers, we have developed self-paced and self-guided, short training videos for you. These video clips are designed to provide you opportunities to:

a) practice identifying student teachers' areas of strength and areas of growth during lesson observations and to

b) check your observation points against the ones identified by the department faculty.

Lesson Observation: Identifying Student Teacher's Areas of Strength and Areas of Growth

Below are two video clips of second and fifth grade science lessons taught by second semester student teachers. Please read the following suggestions before viewing the video clips:

BEFORE you watch the video: Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Fold the paper in half, so you have 2 columns--one labeled, AREAS OF STRENGTH and the other labeled, AREAS OF GROWTH.

WHILE you watch the video: Write down student teacher's areas of strength and areas of growth in lesson planning, preparation and delivery.

AFTER you watch the video: Compare your list of observation points in student teacher's areas of strength and areas of growth against the ones the department faculty have identified.

Select a video clip

Video 1: 2nd Grade Science Lesson on Classifying/Sorting

Video 2: 5th Grade Science Lesson on Digestive Processes