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Special Education (SPED): Pre/Post Conferences

Points to Think About When Conducting a Post-Lesson Conference

  1. EVERY STUDENT TEACHER HAS DIFFERENT NEEDS. If your student teacher is struggling, you may choose to discuss only one or two areas of strength and need in order to make the concepts more accessible to him or her. If your student teacher is doing well, you may choose to present a broader array of strengths and areas for growth for discussion, organized around the CSTPs.
  2. IDENTIFY A FEW KEY POINTS FOR THE NEXT OBSERVATION. Choose one or two important and obtainable goals for the student to focus on for the next lesson, and which you feel are challenging yet "fixable".
  3. ENCOURAGE REFLECTIVE THINKING IN YOUR STUDENT TEACHER. Ask questions, and encourage your student teacher to evaluate his or her own teaching. Help your student develop the habits of a reflective practitioner.

 Thank you for your participation! We would also like to express our sincere thanks for the contributions of student teacher Vejas Anayo and his cooperating teacher, Chris Laterzo. Their generosity in letting us share their experiences is truly appreciated.