Links for Art and Science


Art Connections to Math and Science

Bridges: Connections in Art, Music, & Science

Princeton Online: Art Music Science Lessons

From Windmills to Whirligigs: Connections between science and art and wind.

Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

Art—Science Research Laboratory: Using science to look at art and art to look at science.

NPR Special Series: Series of articles on intersections of art and science.

The Golden Section in Art and Architecture

Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Spiral: Great site by Ron Knott.

Fibonacci Numbers in Nature: Some great slides by Jill Britton

Chemistry and Art

Chemistry of Art

Chemistry of Art

Investigation of Paintings Using IR and Microscopy


Resources Science Art

M. C. Escher, "ESCHER on ESCHER Exploring the Infinite", Published in 1989 by HARRY N. ABRAMS, INC., New York

Tessellations and How to Make them - Crystal Productions Video with Jim McNeill 
Tessellations Posters from Crystal Productions.
Jim McNeill Demonstration

Telepresence and Biowriting, book by Eduardo Kac

Student works of biology & art:




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