An extensive interview published in 2019 by the Muzica journal in Bucharest.

An essay discussing the connections between visual arts and music, which was presented in June 2019 at the Forfest International Conference on Art and Society, in the Czech Republic.

A short article focused on the role of the soloist in three concertos written by Anatol Vieru, published in Romanian by the "George Enescu" Museum Press in 2016.

A brief study on synchronization techniques in Stefan Niculescu's music, published in Romanian by the George Enescu Museum Press in 2015.

Also in Romanian, a short article about the music of Horatiu Radulescu, published by the Bucharest National University of Music Press in 2015.

Thoughts on teaching music theory and composition.

A review of the 2012 International New Music Week Festival in Bucharest.

The story of my 2009 sabbatical.

Postmodernism in European and American music, an article in Romanian published in 2008.