Marriage of Science Fair and Internet Publishing

Virtual Science Fairs

Several examples of science fair projects were found on the World Wide Web. Many of the projects found were the result of personal endeavors of students who took pride in their research and who wished to find an audience with which to share their work. Fewer yet were the Web sites that sponsored publication of students' science projects, and there were only two virtual science fair Web sites in which students from anywhere were invited to submit their work to be published and ultimately judged on the World Wide Web.


The virtual science fair at Innovations began in 1996 and was a world wide science fair contest for elementary and secondary science students where entrants published their science projects on the World Wide Web. Students who visited the Web site were given guidelines for their Web pages and instructions on how to enter the contest. Once students uploaded (sent) their projects to Innovations, judges viewed the projects on-line and conducted interviews via email. Examples of the projects can be viewed at Student projects are also viewed by other students across the country to gain feedback and to serve as a model for future projects.


CyberFair was sponsored by the Independent School District 77 (Minnesota) Area Public Schools and is very similar to Innovations except that it was limited to students in grades three through six. Examples of student science projects can be viewed at