Ph Test:

Vons,Glaicer Water:4

Ralphs,Glaicer Water:4

Luckey,Aqua Vend:4

Everpure,Drinking Water:4


Oil Test:

Vons,Glaicer Water: No Oil Present

Ralphs,Glaicer Water: No Oil Present

Luckey,Aqua Vend: No Oil Present

Everpure,Drinking Water: No Oil Present


Lead Test:

Vons,Glaicer Water:Beige-yellow color

Ralphs,Glaicer Water: Beige-yellow color

Luckey,Aqua Vend: Beige-yellow color

Everpure,Drinking Water: Yellow color

Phosphates Test:

Vons,Glaicer Water:5 ppm

Ralphs,Glaicer Water: no color change

Luckey,Aqua Vend: no color change

Everpure,Drinking Water: 10 ppm

Chloride Test:

Vons,Glaicer Water:2 drops to turn orange

Ralphs,Glaicer Water: 1 drop to turn orange

Luckey,Aqua Vend: 1 drop to turn orange

Everpure,Drinking Water: 2 drops to turn orange