I decided to test the Everpure Drinking water against the drinking water despensers outside of the supuermarket. First, I ordered a kit that tests chlorides, lead, oil, bacterial pollution, Ph, and phosphates. I saved gallon bottles and washed them out throughly. Once I had enough bottles to fill, I went around to different supermarkets and filled the bottles with drinking water. I went to Ralphs and took water from thier system called "Glacier Water". I used samples of water from Vons "Glaicer Water", and Luckeys "Aqua Vend" water. I only took the distilled water from each dispenser, not the sodium free I, also, filled a bottle with water from the Everpure h200 system. My hypothesis was the Everpure water would be cleaner than the water from the supermarket despensers. Performing each test for each water I ended up having unusual results.

My hypothesis was proven wrong and the water from the dispensers were, overal, cleaner than the Everpure water. My results are as follows: For the Lead Test, Ralphs "Glacier Water", Luckeys "Aqua Vend" and Vons "Glaicer Water'' water all had the same results. All the samples turned beige-yellow which is good. The Everpure water turned yellow, the lightest the color the better. The worst color the water can turn is a deep purple-red which is a presence of lead at 5 parts per million (ppm) minimum.

For the Oil Test, all the results were the same: no oil present.

For the Ph Test, the "danger zone" is if the Ph level is above 6. Luckeys "Aqua Vend", Ralphs "Glaicer Water" and Vons "Glaicer Water" were all at level 4. Everpure Distilled Water was about level 5.

For the Phosphate Test, there was a color chart to hold up the results to, no color change, 0 ppm, to Dark Blue, 50 ppm. Anything above 10 ppm is a severe pollution problem. The Everpure Distilled Water turned light blue, 10 ppm. Luckey "Aqua Vend" and Ralphs "Glaicer Water" has no color change. Vons "Glaicer Water" had a slight color chang to a very light blue, 5ppm.

For the Chloride Test, chloride solution was added to the mix of the sampled water and the chloride powder. The solution was added one drop at a time and mix in to see how many drop it would take to make the color orange. Each drop is multiplied by 50 ppms, over 250 ppms is harmful. Luckeys "Aqua Vend" and Ralphs "Glaicer Water" both took 1 drop which is 50 ppm. Vons "Glaicer Water" and Everpure Distilled Water both took 2 drops which is 100 ppms.

Tallying up the number of times which water is the cleanest in each test, Vons "Glaicer Water" was the cleanest. Then, tied for secound, was Luckeys "Aqua Vend" and Ralphs "Glaicer Water". The Everpure H200 was the worst out of the four.