Discussion of Results


The results of this experiment are consistant. Both photographs taken with each camera are of the same quality. The ones taken with just the box both have the same defects. The line that appears in both photos is probably due to dust on the box. The pictures taken with the cow eye lens are blury probably because the lens could not have been directly attached to the pin-hole due to the lens tendancy to dry out. However, in the cameras with just the box and the box filled with saline solution, the objects can still be identified. The lens is blury to look into when not attatched to the rest of the eye. This is the flaw of the experiment. The hypothesis was true. The pin-hole camera with only the film inside worked best.

Interessting information: All information gathered for this experiment suggested an exposure time of at least five minutes to develop the pictures. However, when this exposure time was used, the pictures turned out way too dark. After trying several different exposure times, the only one that successfully worked was 30 seconds.