Experimental Write-up



What is the order of vowels with the most harmonics to the least?


I think the order of most harmonics to least will be"u", "o", "i", "e", and least "a".


Science Workshop interface

Sound Sensor

Singers,with musical training





1. Connect the Science Workshop interface to the computer, turn on the interface, and turn on the computer.

2. Connect the Sound Sensor plug to Analog Channel A.

3. Open the Science Workshop document titled as shown:

Macintosh Windows

P32 Sound Waves P32_SOUN.SWS

4. Arrange the Sound Sensor in front of the speaker so the sound sensor can detect the signal.

5. Click the REC button to begin monitering data. The data should appear in the Scope and FFT displays.

6. Have the singer sing middle C. Have him sing the note five times. Each time he should say one of the vowels (A, E, I, O, U).

The frequency and amplitude can be adjusted by larger/smaller increments by pressing modifier keys while clicking on the up/down arrows as shown in the table, or by clicking on the displayed value and typing in a new one. When using the cursor and mouse button to click on the up-down arrows next to the frequency value, the default is 10 Hz per click. Use modifier keys (Control, Option and Command or CTRL and ALT) to increase or decrease the amount of charge per click. (See the table.)

Macintosh Key Windows Key (s) Change of Frequency

Shift key Shift key 100 Hz

No modifier key No modifier key 10 Hz

Control key Ctrl key 1 Hz

Option key Alt key 0.1 Hz

Command key Alt+Ctrl keys 0.01 Hz

7. Stop between each vowel. Each one should be recorded seperately. Click on STOP to stop recording.

15. Record and Analize data.