Discussion of Results

My results were very unfortunate for the amature singer because I found that there really is no way to make a voice sound fuller through choosing vowel a sound. I found that the people with more experience had clearer graphs which means a clearer, fuller voice. The singers with less experience had unprecise graphs which means a muddier sound. The singers with the least experience are Leslie, Meg, and Amalia. The rest of the singers have experience ranging from being a member of a choir to having taken private voice lessens. Below is a graph created by Amyoone of the more experienced singers. This is her vowel "i".

Notice how full and clear the sound she produces is. Below is a graph of Leslie's. Notice how unclear the sound is. The pitch wasn't consistant. She produced a muddy sound. This is Leslie's "i" vowel.

Some people had specific notes that were by far fuller than others. It varied between everyone, so if a person wants to know, then they should be tested, instead on reling on the average person's data.


In future experiments I would test more people. I would use a pitch pipe to make sure that people's pitches were completely accurate. I would have each singer repeat the experiment by singing a whole scale twice in two different octaves. Each singer would do this whole process about four times to make sure that there is some consistancy. I would also test consanants, not just vowels.