One source of error is that I used only one type of ball for testing. This is bad because there is a possibility that only the ball that I tested reacted the way it did.

Another source of error is that I only tested each condition four times. I probably should have tested it at least six times so that I would be more sure that my results were all correct.

Another source of error is that the diameter of my tubing wasn't wide enough so that when the ball bounced, a few times, it hit the wall of the tubing, therefore making the wall an uncalculated factor.

If I were to redo this project, I would do a couple of things differently. First of all, I would make sure I would use different types of balls (i.e. balatas, two- piece, and distance balls) from different brands. I would also test each type and brand more than four times each. Another thing I would do differently is use a different tube that is wider in diameter so that the ball wouldn't have hit the sides. Because the ball hit the side of the tube, one of the tries I took came out incomplete.