The propagation of plants is a very important aspect of life due to the importance of plants. The ways in which plants can be propagated are discussed due to the time that it takes to grow a plant. The fastest and most efficient way to grow plants is wanted by all the industries that produce the plants for society. I have decided to determine the fastest way of propagation by testing how cuttings react to plant hormones in order to grow. I will take two different plant cuttings and test two different types of growth hormones. One of the growth hormones is an over-the-counter hormone and the other is an industrial hormone. This experiment will determine if the unavailable industrial hormone is better than the over-the-counter hormone. I will also test cuttings without the hormones in order to determine how affective the growth hormones really are. My goal for this experiment is to prove that plants taken from cuttings along with plant hormones is the best method of propagation due to its efficiency.