Communication is the basis for human interaction in all aspects of life, whether it be through verbal or physical expression. Its most important component exists in language, spoken and written, which is fundamental to everyday human interaction. Language is the vehicle that transmits information, emotion, and ideas between people. It is a phenomenon that can relay useless facts or important detail, raw emotion or complex sentiment. Not only does language allow one to express his individuality of thought and provide an outlet for emotion, it is also the tool that builds relations between individuals and keeps them intact. Without language as the tool of expression and key to unleash all forms of advanced thought, civilization, culture, and technological advancement would not exist as it does today.
Linguistics is the study of language and all of its components and aspects. It is a scientific field which exists for the better understanding of human communication. The science of linguistics involves the study of lesser forms of expression such as writing and gestures, and more importantly the study of spoken language. History of global languages, social influences of and on languages, psychological aspects of language, and structure of language are just a few of the areas included within the science of linguistics. The purpose of this linguistics experiment is to determine if there is a connection between one's personality type and the physical gestures they make while expressing themselves.