In my first experiment, I measured the speeds of the serves of 3 different players using the 3 different types of racquets: wooden, standard size, and extended. Chris Dennis is a 14 year-old boy who was ranked about #35 in Southern California in 1997. Olivia Garcia-McKean was ranked #17 in Southern California and #120 in the United States in 1997. Sean McKean is ranked about #10 in Southern California in 1998. These players have different service motions, which effects the speed that the different racquets give them. The following chart displays the results:


The newer technology in racquets does not improve the speed of the serves by a significant amount.


The questionnaire was given to 50 junior tennis players. The information that applies to my experiment is displayed on the following graphs:


This graphs shows how many players have been injured.

According to the survey, only 35% of the tournament players who have been playing tennis for under 2 years have been injured, while 100% of the players who have been playing tennis for 3 or more years have experienced some type of tennis-related injury. About 83% of the injuries reported on the questionnaire required doctor's attention. While only 9% of the injuries required surgery or physical therapy, 100% of the injuries reported required some time off. The average time taken off from tennis is two weeks. Almost all the players use the ice/heat method to treat injuries and some even ice parts of their bodies after tournament to prevent further injury. Massage therapy is a popular treatment as well, but none of the players have used or knew of another alternative treatment.


This graph shows how long players practice.

According to the survey, 100% of those junior tennis players surveyed who practice for 3 or more hours everyday have been injured, while 80% of the players who practice for 2 hours or less a day have had injuries.


This graph shows the percentage of junior tennis players surveyed that use each type of racquet available on the market: standard size, extended length, or over-size racquet head. Both the extended and oversized are advertised as providing more power. Some people theorize that they cause more injury.

This graph displays the percentages those players who suffered arm injuries who used over-sized or extended racquets.

Out of the 50 players surveyed, 52% suffered from some type of shoe-related injury. Some had multiple injuries. The following graph shows the different types of shoe-related injuries.

This graph shows how often the players stretch before a match in a tournament. Stretching is an injury-prevention method.

Even though tennis players risk injury and problems with their bodies in the future, a whopping 94% love the sport and want to play on the professional level. These players also have high confidence in their playing abilities, because 64% believed that they could beat the #1 ranked professional in the world Pete Sampras or the former #1 Andre Agassi. Well, maybe these junior players will beat them someday!!!

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