Sports medicine is an exciting field of medicine, helping athletes recover from injuries that previously ended careers. As research and knowledge expands in this area, doctors will be capable in doing even more to prevent injuries as well as helping them to heal. In special interest to doctors is junior tennis, which has the highest injury rate for any sport for children 18 and under. Junior tennis is growing in popularity and the competition is increasing, but, with such a high injury rate, parents might begin choosing another sport for their child. Research has to be done to cut the injury rate and keep tennis' popularity. In my experiment, I tried to find the factors that contribute to the injuries and research how much the players are doing to prevent hurting themselves. From my results, I learned that the most injury-causing factor is excessive hours of practice. Although racquet and shoe types contribute slightly, they do not cause as much permanent harm to the body as too much play-time. With doctors understanding the roles that these factors play in causing injuries, they can do more to change the equipment and recommend less hours of practice to a patient with an injury.

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