There was a strong correlation between students who were either hit or yelled at by their parents, and violent behavior. These students were more likely to resort to violence as an answer and defined themselves as violent. However, students who were more likely to talk to their parents were also less likely to resort to violence.
Students who enjoyed violent films and considered films a large part of their life also tended to be more proned to violence. And students who considered movies a large part of their life were more likely to experience an identification with the main charactar. Which caused which? A student who is naturally violent will obviously enjoy violent films but it is hard to say if the films can actually turn the student violent. I think based on my research that a film can at the most encourage an already violent and pschologicaly damaged teenager to perform acts of violence. I do not think that films have the power to change a well-adjusted and even impressionable teenager to a violent one.